Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fontana de Trevi

They say that we you get the chance to go to Rome, you have to visit these places, at least: Vatican, Fontana de Trevi, the Spanish Steps, Sistine Chapel, and the Colloseum and the ruins around it. For me, I have crossed out these places except Sistine Chapel (because we had no time left to roam around). On our last day in Rome and in Europe, our last stop was the Trevi Fountain. They also say the when you throw a coin with your back facing the water, you wish will come true. 

The Spanish Steps in Rome.

Chanced upon this cute little boy dressed as a gladiator. :)

Well, for me, my wishes have come true. This is the last post I will be doing for this whole adventure that we had. I never thought I can go abroad, join the WYD celebration in Spain, go to Portugal, and even see the interiors of St. Peter's cathedral. I never thought that I will get to taste authentic gelato and see the restaurant in Eat, Pray, Love with my own eyes. This whole experience have been a blessing. Yes, I may have not finished my undergraduate thesis because of this trip but I would and will not trade it for anything else. I am happy to have been with the funniest and coolest people on this trip. For without them, this experience will be different. I hope I can join them again in the WYD celebration that will be happening in the South American country, Brazil in 2013. This, I can already say: Madrid, Portugal, and Rome crossed out of my bucketlist!

Grazie e arrivederci, Europa. Alla prossima!

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