Thursday, September 6, 2012


I found this super cute and classic cover-up while I was digging through my mom's clothes a few weeks back. I asked her where she got and did she ever wear. To my surprise, she told me that the last time she wore this was during the 80's! HAHA. I'm so lucky to have moms like her. Not only is she the best in terms of being a mom, she also has the best closet of vintage stuff! Now, upon seeing that piece of clothing, I immediately looked into my closet to fins something that would match it but not overpower it. This floral ensemble made it standout even more. I just paired it with black leggings, gold floral sandals, and a studded bag viola!

Vintage cover-up and sunnies from mom, leggings and floral top from Greenhills Shopping Center, Sandals from Boardwalk, bag from Candie's.

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