Friday, June 22, 2012

Daddy's girl

Thank you, KKK, for the free sago't gulaman:)

Floral top from Greenhills tiangge, yellow tussel necklace, pants from Muffin Clothing

Orange shoes from Parisian

June is the month that is known to be of wedding and saying I do's. But another celebration is somehow forgotten except weeks before. June is also the month of fathers, dads, pops, and grandpas. But in our family, June is not only the month to celebrate father's day, but also to celebrate my dads birthday. This year, it actually fell on the same day as Father's Day so that day became extra special. 

Me and my dad have a close-but-not-close relationship. Yeah, I know it's wierd but that's just how we are. Being his only child, I felt really special growing up. But knowing that he stood as the second dad to my older half-siblings, I really saw how amazing he is. Even if he doesn't have to support my siblings, he still does. I will turn 21 this year and I can't remember that last time I told him I love him. Well, it was a Sunday and we were going to celebrate his birthday in his childhood house. I actually did NOT greet him until we arrived at the house (haha!). And this is what I gave him as a gift:

After a very beautiful lunch, we headed south to just drive around and have coffee. We closed that day by having a one-on-one dinner. We are not like this before. But as they say, as you get older, you feel the need to appreciates even the littlest of things.

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