Thursday, June 21, 2012

Health is wealth

I have always been a skinny girl. Although back in high school, I never really cared about my body or how I physically look even if I studied in an all-girls institution. But come college, things started to change. My friends always tell me how skinny I am, that my being skinny is sort of an injustice because I am also tall (HAHAHA). But you know, being skinny doesn't always mean the we are healthy. Actually, we are more prone to diseases because of low immune system and those kinds of things. Like other people, skinny people need to have their share of the fight against being unhealthy. I am not a teen anymore so I need to realize that I have to take care of my body, I have to take care of me. So recently, I started to dedicate at least a day to exercise and yoga. Yes, YOGA.

Yoga doesn't only help you develop your body's flexibility, develop your posture, and give you inner peace. It also helps you understand your body. After a few sessions, you can feel the difference between being so stressed with the things around you and how you can manage those stress just by being quiet and serene. Yoga is for everyone. Yes, even those who are trying to shed some lb's.

This is my "gym" hair. HAHA. When working out, you don't want your hair to be in the way of your eyes and the equipment, right? So, what I do to my hair is I twist it to make it look like a romantic and cute spiral. And then, I pull my hair to make a bun, or a messy bun.

Jansport backpack from Bratpack

Another thing I like about going ton the gym is having to pick "uncommon" work-out clothes. Yes, you will be sweaty and all but nothing hurts if you try diba? For today, I chose to wear razorback zebra-print top with black leggings. I opted to wear a cover-up just so I can protect me from those prying eyes.

Zebra-print razorback, white cover-up, power balance necklace from Phiten

Black leggings from Greenhills tiangge, Nike Free Run 3.0 sneakers from Sole Academy

Exercising is for everyone. Let's all do our fair share in making ourselves fit and healthy. :)

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