Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Since I wasn't able to post anything yesterday, I decided to post another one tonight. :) It's Tuesday and I needed to run errands (home errands to be exact). I wanted to wear something light and free to move in. It was breezy and sunny the whole day so I chose to wear a dress that is so colorful it looks like a canvas that is watercolor-splatted. Hahaha!

Korean brand dress, Peter pan collar necklace from  Jhajing fashion accessories, ring from Forever21,  nails by Nailcessity, shoes from Parisian

Aside from being very noticeable, what I like about a dress like this is it's so flowy. The material that it's made in is so light that you can actually feel the breeze of the wind slipping through the dress. I paired it with a necklace that looks like it's a part of the dress! What I like about these necklaces naman is that serves two purposes: (1) it's a necklace, a statement one; and (2) it makes your dress look like it has a cute collar. Witty diba? :)

I know these shoes looks hard to walk in but believe me, this pair is one of the most comfortable shoes i own. :)

I stated on my previous blog that I went for a mani-pedi session yesterday? Well, this color is so cute that I picked it out the moment I saw the color from the nail polish wheel. Who said bright are only for summer? :)

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