Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Plain is nice

At last! After days of rain, Mr. Sun finally decided to some out. I'm so sorry I wasn't able to post anything yesterday because of my lousy internet connection. But, here it is now!

Yesterday, I decided to have my mani-pedi session at Nailcessity Nail Salon and Body Spa. Since it was all pleasant and sunny, I decided to wear my all-time favorite outfit--plain shirt+shorts combo. Since I will be having my feet beautified, I opted to wear slippers instead of sandals or wedges. What I like most about this outfit combo is that you can move around easily and it's just so laid back. 

Sunglasses from Cindy Carol,  Plain white shirt form Bench_Body, Peter Pan necklace from Jhajing fashion accessories, long necklace from Papemelroti, mom's ring, watch from Skechers, Korean brand shorts, Havaianas Limited Edition Brasilipinas Slippers

With a plain shirt (it's actually a men's v-neck), you can accessorize with necklaces and bangles. But for this outfit, I chose to wear key accessories and those are that is the peter pan necklace which I recently bought, and a turquoise ring. Both pieces stand out because of the plain white shirt. This arrangement with the accessories and the shirt always does the trick. 

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