Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Heart Attack

Ever since me and college friends were in our freshmen year, we would celebrate two of their birthdays eating at Yellow Cab Pizza. Every year, we would do it at a different Yellow Cab diner and this time, we chose to do our barkada "tradition" in a Yellow Cab diner at a very, very different location--Tagaytay City. The plan was actually to have a day trip only. But since my dad was in the city also, he booked us for an overnight stay at Character Hotel (yes, Tagaytay is the city of character). 

Well, me and my friends like to travel. And since most are graduates and are working already, we try to get together as often as we can and this trip was one of those. During our Bataan trip last year, we started playing a card game called "Heart attack" and what better way to continue another tradition in another city, right? So, as a result, even if we only had two decks of cards (our record was four), we played the game before cocktails AND after cocktails. This picture proves just that (sorry if it's blurry). :)

This was how foggy it was. Adding to that, Ferdie was still in the country so it was raining all day and all night.

Braving the wind on our way home. :)

Until next time, my #friends. :)

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  1. And you had to choose a photo with my dopey face! HAHAHA I uploaded the photos from my camera as well, but I won't blog about the Tags trip anymore. #superlamig