Friday, August 17, 2012

A glimpse of the Pope

This day was very special for everyone attending the World Youth Day celebration for this marks the day the pope arrives in Spain. Pope Benedict XVI was supposed to have a motorcade on a route that was announces days before so me and my companions went to one of the roads that was included in that route. Unfortunately, on the day itself, the route changed. Accepting the fact that we could not see the pope that day anymore, we opted to go to a place near a wide screen so that we sound still see him. We landed on a side garden but because there were so many people, we could not see even the wide screen anymore. But anyway, we had so much fun even if that was the case. If you want to take pictures with other people of another nationalities, this would be the best time. You can just talk to people at random to have your picture taken with them! You even get to trade thing like country pins or ribbons or even flags. How cool is making instant friends? :)

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