Friday, August 17, 2012

Las Islas Filipinas

They say that the end of something good marks the beginning of something better. True enough for us, leaving our foster families in Caceres and proceeding to Madrid was another journey in itself. In Caceres, we had the luxury of sleeping on comfortable beds, showers and everything else. But in Alcorcon, Madrid, everything was the opposite. We slept in a gymnasium with other pilgrims on sleeping bags and a common shower room. If you think about it, the scenario would seemingly be uncomfortable. Instead of feeling that way, we were happy that we had sleeping bags, there were clean restrooms, and most of all, we were all together. No experience can ever replace the one we had in Alcorcon.  This part of our journey is the one of the most exciting parts of our stay. This was the time when the formal celebrations of the World Youth Day began. Everywhere you go, you will see pilgrims--on the trains, the streets, and even restaurants! We are  only a few days away from seeing the pope. Check my next posts for that! :)

Riding the train is like riding a jeepney to them. I just hope that their railway system can be adopted here in the Phils.

Welcome to the METROPOLIS! :)

There really is a train station named after the Philippines. :)

HOLLAH! That is the Monument of Dr. Jose Rizal in Madrid! Of course, we wouldn't miss the chance of seeing it for oursleves! 

More photos of our WYD adventure on the next posts! :)

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