Friday, August 17, 2012


FATE. For us, pilgrims, it was fate who brought us to Spain and to Portugal. It was fate who brought us to witness the festivity of Our Lady of Fatima. When we arrived, we thought that it was just for a visit, to see the site for our own eyes. Little did we know that that day was the feast of the apparition of Our Lady to the three little children. We could not believe our luck upon hearing that. We got to hear mass on the site itself and even visit the tombs of the little children. It wasn't creepy at all. Instead of feeling that way, we felt blessed and lucky and all that. This is one thing I can now cross out my bucketlist. :)

Instead of giving money, the locals and tourists alike offer rice. 

We spotted this cute little wearing a costume that is exactly like that of Our Lady of Fatima, so adorable!

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