Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Plaza Mayor

As promised, here are the other photos from our Caceres tour. Like Intramuros, The Walled City of Caceres has been converted into mostly, museums but the churches remained the same. There is even a tunnel filled with water that has existed since the 1500's. You can tour the whole city but some parts will require you to pay a few euros. It's a bit expensive when you convert it to peso , but what the hell, you're already in one of the most historic places in Spain, right? Aside from the tour, we also had the chance to meet and interact with the other delegates from another country. We enjoyed a night of singing and dancing and laughing, and just just having a good time. All these make me miss Spain (and my Spanish family) even more. :)

I felt like I was in medieval times. HAHA

Hot guys who sing. LOL.

Olives in Spain are so ordinary that they include in almost every meal. 

Yes, water is potable even if the dispenser is located on streets. I wish this was also the case here in the Philippines.

There were so many beautiful and interesting buildings in Spain like this one. Cute, right?

The Brazilians started this dance. HAHA. It shows. :)

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