Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Walled City: Caceres

When we arrived at the Madrid-Barajas airport, we immediately rode a bus and went on a 3-hour journey to the city of Caceres, which is located on the south of Spain. Here, we stayed with our foster families for a couple of days touring the city around and at the same time, getting to know their culture. Back in elementary, we learned that the Spaniards kept our country imprisoned in their for 300 years and many of our traits and even words are similar to them because of that. But, coming to Spain, there are still so many things to learn about the Spanish people. They are wonderful people, to say the least. their food is awesome (even though we did not eat rice for 3 whole weeks).

Here are some of the photos of our tour of the walled city of Caceres (Yes, they have a walled city too). Because of the number of pictures I took here, I am dedicating another blog post to this wonderful place. :)

Doritos, Lay's, Cheetos--the Chippy of Spain

Their road signs are super neat. 

Look! That is really for the Filipinos, BTW.:)

They call this "Centro". Music is played on the gazebo on weekends. How cool is that?

With our Spanish sister, Maria. 

More photos on the next blog post!

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