Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Benvenuti a Roma

I have told you guys so many times in my older posts that we were very, very lucky to have been on this trip to Europe. But, our fun didn't stop in Spain and in Portugal. Before we finally headed home to the Philippines, we made a quick trip to no other than Roma! It has been a year but the feeling I had when we first stepped on the roads of Rome is still in my chest! Another part of our luck streak was the fact that we didn't have to find and rent an apartment for the duration of our stay there. The Daughters of St. Anne in Rome were very generous to us to have let us stay with them. I was so amazed by Rome because they have one of the most beautiful buildings. Right after we landed, we didn't miss the chance of seeing the Colloseum with our very own eyes because it was just a few blocks away from the convent! And since people say that the best pizza and pasta is in Rome, we also didn't miss the chance of tasting them!

We learned how to eat pizza the Italian way!

"Avenue of the Golden House"
Lakas maka-sosyal!

The Colloseum is so massive, really, and creepy. HAHA.

Simply the best.

More photos on the next post!Please keep on visiting my blog!

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