Monday, September 3, 2012


Since the World Youth Day celebration was over, me and my companions had to move out of the gymnasium that we were staying in. The other members of the group had their own itineraries planned so they were on their own way the night before our move, Luckily, the priest that we were with found an hostel for the remaining 10 of us right in the heart of Madrid's shopping capital, Sol! Can you imagine the joy that we felt when we checked-in? Also, the person in-charge of the hostel was a Filipina! So imagine this, we got  the newest and biggest unit, and special coupons were given to us! How cool is that? 

I did mention that we were in the shopping capital of Madrid, right? So, what else is there to expect than our favorite brands on almost every corner! We really are lucky because almost everything was on sale! the prices may be in Euros but what the hell, right? 

I can never forget this store. They sell authentic Spanish fans. We were able to get good, cheap ones but can you believe that special fans can cost up to a thousand euros? Some are even made out of ivory. Crazy, huh?

My favorite store. :)

Say hello to 4-story Zara.

The Royal Palace. :)

Photos of our sidetrip to Rome on the next post!

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