Thursday, September 13, 2012


I will be turning 21 in a few weeks time. In the 21 years of my existence in this world, I have been through many ups and downs. Some of them I can't believe that I, myself,  has surpassed. Up to now, I can still remember instances wherein I was in a situation I felt I can't get out of. Well, I know a lot of people nowadays feel that same way too. People say to put the past behind us. Yes, we can put those ugly things in the past but we can never forget them. You see, my fondness of clothes and dressing up stemmed from experiences that made me choose to wear the kinds of clothes I am wearing now. I had a very awkward teenage life. Having studies in an all-girls institution for 12 years, I wasn't the most beautiful kid. But when I reached college, I learned that there is more to life than having those branded slippers and all that shizz. 

The past is something that should be put in the past. But we should always, always remember that the past shaped us into who we are now. Often time I find myself looking back and laughing at things that made cry back then. Just like a knot that is full of twist and turns. Our life is what we make of it. Sure, we cannot undo the things we did but, just like a not, there is always a way of fixing things. 

Top from mom's closet, vintage high-waisted shorts from a thrift shop, rings from Forever21 and Avenida, armcandies from Greenhill Shopping Center, Batman bag from American Boulevard, shoes from Keds

Photos courtesy of Eluna Cepeda

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