Wednesday, September 12, 2012


My very good friend and I wanted to make use of our spare time last week. Since I am starting to religiously post here and she on her career in photography, what better way to use the afternoon and bond at the same time than having a mini-photoshoot! Yes, the pictures that I will be using in the next couple of posts are also courtesy of her. Initially, what she had in mid was a concept shoot wherein I, as the model, will have a certain peg for my clothes, poses, and all that shizz. But I told her that all I wanted was for her to take outfit shots and well, she settled for that (HAHA). We were both ready to go outside when Mr. Rain decided to fall down really hard. What to do? Being the DIY person that she is, she got her lights, adjusted the settings of her camera, and viola! Here are the results. 

Fierce daw--NOT.

Pegging Audrey Hepburn--in this outfit. 

Fringe vest form Japan, top and shorts from Greenhills Shopping Center, Hello Kitty bag, rings from Style on Air and Avenida, Arcandies from Greenhills Shopping Center and WearMauve, boots from HDY

Shot on location somewhere in Project 4, Quezon City
Photos courtesy of Eluna Cepeda

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