Monday, September 24, 2012

To infinity and beyond

I told you before that one of the hardest things for me to do is say goodbye. I will admit that get emotionally attached to a thing or a person too easily. But when it comes to a friendship that spans more than 10 years, that is another story. Coming from an all-girls institution, my elementary days were one of the best memories I have. This was when I met the people whom I now call my sisters. We were classmates all through out grade  school. But unfortunately for me, my parents transferred me to another school come high school. Boo.

Then and now. We're missing two people but what the hell:)
But I never lost communication with my barkada, my clique, my super close circle of friends. And a time came when one of us had to leave and go to the States. Of course it was sad for all of us, thinking that we we would not see her for so long. But we know it's for her sake and er family as well. And finally, after 7 LONG YEARS, Arkay's back! The bunso of our barkada is home:) So, as soon she arrived, we were messaging each other for schedules so we can have a dinner-date with her. But, as it is, we cannot be complete because of work and other stuff. But why dampen everybody's spirits, right? So, during Arkay's 12-day stay here, we got to spend 3 night of that with each other. We found ourselves reminiscing our days back in the day, the things that we did, the problems that we faced. Every moment felt so awesome.

But you know, she cannot stay here even if we wanted her to. As I publish this post, she is with her family in the States again. It's super sad that she can prolong her stay, but what is important is the fact that she went home--to her family here, and to us, her friends. It's not a sad parting. We've endured 7 years, we can go through more. With that, I dedicated this post to you, Arkay. Thank you for coming home:) You can always count on us for everything. And to my barkada, BERKS (yes). No other people can replace you in my heart. Here's to 12 years (and counting) of friendship, laughter, tough times, and overwhelming love. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND. <3

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