Monday, September 24, 2012

Same old, same old

12 days. If you think about it, it's not really long if you're visiting from abroad. Yesterday, I posted about our story, my barkada's story. I was all emotional and all (sorry for that haha). But today, I wan to show all of you that yes, time can make people change. Being apart can cause awkwardness when you meet again. But I am proud that me and my friends are the same even if so many years have passed. My other friend, Iris, told me that it's just sinking in us that Arkay arrived and yet today, she's in the States again. It makes me really wonder now how we maximized our time with her. In three nights, here are the things we did.

1. September 15-16, dinner at Mall of Asia
2. September 20, drinking sesh (heehee) for my early birthday celebration/2nd get-together
3. September 22, Arkay's despedida party

I did not arrange the photos by date on purpose because it looks wierd to me. But kidding aside, these photos for me bring a new chapter in our lives as friends. My friends and I may be in different locations but even if that's the case, we will always be the kids who met in 3rd grade, got into the awkward stage, and fought with each other because of simple things. We will always be the kids who love each other so much that even distance is not an issue. I am proud of what me and my friends have accomplished as of now. We may age, but I know that what we have between us will never go wither. :)

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