Saturday, September 1, 2012


I'M BACK! After almost 2 weeks of not posting anything, I am back with one that is one of the highlights of my Spain trips last year. YES, my posts about that trip isn't over just yet. I have a few more places I want to show you, dear readers, before I move back to my outfit posts. Coming back to blogging today is quite special because today is the first day of my birthday month. Yey! So, this post is about our side trip to Avila in Spain. Only half of our delegation went to this trip because we were scheduled to leave for the Papal mass that afternoon. There were people who told us not to go because we can be late but missing this chance was not really an option for us. So, we boarded trains early in the morning (I never thought travelling via trains was this comfortable). It was almost an hour or so, I think and viola, we are in Avila. Good thing there weren't many people during our visit there. Here are some of the pictures I took. Enjoy!

BIG birds' nests!

Avila has a community if people living around it. I spotted this cute family riding the swings with their kids. SO ADORABLE.

The cutest, funniest, and fluffiest nun I know, Sr. Candy Sanchez. :)

Flowers were in full bloom that time. 

St. Therese of Avila

Sweets that are really sweet.

I didn't know that the rainbow exists at first. I was trying to take a picture of the walls of the church and when I looked up, this rainbow was there!

I don;t know if this man was alone or not or whether he was looking at the horizon reflecting. I just had to take his picture.

More places and photos on the next post! 

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